A fascinating guided tour around the territory of 155 years old brewery! After visiting our historical building of the oldest operating brewery in Minsk, you will learn everything about brewing development from the very beginning till nowadays: you will see ancient brewing equipment and modern departments. Your travel will be accompanied by a storytelling about our enterprise history and in conclusion you will have a professional beer tasting!


30 rubles
25 rubles
for students

Historical route

The guided tour takes place in the building of historical and cultural value, where we have been brewing beer from the end of the 19th century. The tour includes the storytelling about the history of «Alivaria» company, brewing development around the world and in Belarus. Also we will visit modern functioning departments and try 2 types of beer!
35 rubles
30 rubles
for students

Beer style guide

This format will tell you about features of different types of beer, ingredients, best beer and food combinations. The beer style guide takes place in Museum showroom without visiting functioning manufacture. It includes professional tasting of different types of beer. It is needed minimum 20 participants for this guide.

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Our rules

  1. 1
    We have a lot of guests – please, book your tour beforehand.
  2. 2
    Age matters: if you haven’t achieved 18 years old, excursion have to be postponed.
  3. 3
    If you want an individual guided tour, where won’t be any strangers in your group, you have to gather a group of 10 people.
  1. 4
    Excursion in English can be hold minimum for 10 people.
  2. 5
    If you have booked your tour, but it’s not enough visitors for it – call-center administrator will contact you and offer another date.
  3. 6
    You can make a payment in Museum before your tour started.
It is recommended not to wear high heels.
It is forbidden to visit Museum in alcohol or drug intoxication. Beer tasting will be after excursion.
If you have some inflectional diseases, please, postpone your visit to our Museum. We have a sanitary control.
Museum isn’t a bar. Don’t bring beverages and snacks.
We have certain amount of beer for tasting which correspond the standards of alcohol consumption. You can’t buy more beer in the Museum.
We don’t organize celebrations, weddings and other parties.


Do you have difficulties in choosing a present for your friend?

Present him or her a travel around the world of beer! In the Museum you can buy certificates to the «Historical route» excursion (for 2 or 5 persons). Cost of the certificate: 60 rubles for 2 persons, 150 rubles for 5 persons.

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